Fruit is a powerhouse food, containing the vitamins, fiber, sugar, and hydration that our bodies crave in wonderful colorful packets of all shapes and sizes. Fruit can be tossed into smoothies, chopped up into salads, or eaten singularly au-natural and on-the-go. This miraculous food is packed with healthy sugars, so it is best to keep these two simple rules in mind when it comes to eating fruit, especially if you are trying to lose weight.

What is the best time to eat fruit?

Rule # 1: Eat fruit in the morning, or between meals

Fruit is perfectly packaged by nature in a way that makes it a great on-the-go snack. Throw an apple into your brief case, or toss a clementine into your purse! Fruit contains natural sugar molecules, which our brains and bodies need for fuel. If you are working and start to feel light-headed or hungry, fruit would be a perfect snack to get you through until the next meal. Fruit is digested quickly (compared to a heartier snack, like nuts or cheese), so you might notice that you are hungry again after an hour or an hour and a half. Fruit makes a great light pick-me-up snack during the work day, that won’t leave you feeling tired. Instead, it delivers energy through the sugar and water that it offers the body. Because sleeping leaves us dehydrated, fruit is an excellent energizer in the morning as well. A grapefruit will leave you feeling more awake and alive than even a cup of coffee!

What is the worst time to eat fruit?

Rule # 2: Avoid fruit with your meals, or after a workout.

If you are interested in losing weight, you should try to limit fruit intake with meals. Food molecules take different amounts of time to break down in the stomach, and because fruit has a great deal of fiber in it, it can slow down the work that your stomach is doing. Fruit should also be avoided directly after workouts. After a hard work out session, lean towards proteins which help your body recover rather than delivering simple sugars. Our bodies use different macro-molecules in different ways, and our muscles need protein to rebuild. Fruit can give your body nutrients, water, vitamins, and fiber, but if your body needs protein, you might continue to crave foods and overeat. This leads to weight gain.