Apps have become an excellent way to achieve better fitness, eating habits, and improve sleep. Below are some great fitness and health apps that can help you stay on get and stay on track.

Yonder is a free app for Android, and provides amazing destinations for outdoor excursions. The categories include swimming, biking, backpacking, and skiing. Users share photos and experiences are shared, providing a unique, and fun way to stay in shape.

Aaptiv offers audio fitness training on demand for Android and iOS. There are personal trainers who motivate individuals to get moving, and encourage exercise. The audio classes offered include yoga, elliptical, treadmill, trail runs, weight training, etc. Energizing music is matched to the specific activity selected.

Headspace is a meditation app for Android and iOS. They offer a beginning program that provides ten minutes of meditation each day for ten days. This is called the Take10 program. Subscribers have access to a multitude of exercises for the mind, ranging from a few minutes, to an hour. The app can be tailored so an individual chooses what they want to pursue. Daily benefits come from visualization, breathing, and guidance.

Forks Over Knives is an app available for iOS and Android that focuses on clean eating. They provide over 200 recipes derived from plants and whole foods. The great recipes are from popular chefs and provide full instructions as well as photos. The app allows users to make shopping lists, save their favorite recipes, and make notes.

Sleep Cycle is a sleep tracking app for Android and iOS, and it is designed to examine sleep patterns. The movements, and sounds made while an individual is sleeping are monitored. The app then wakes the individual during their lightest sleep cycle, allowing the person to wake more refreshed, energized, and motivated.

SideChef is another cooking app available on iOS and Android. There are amazing photos, and a large library of recipes. The difference is the prompt that provides step-by-step instructions through voice activation. Cooking healthy becomes easier since an individual does not have to touch their phone. The timer is built-in so the cook will be informed when a recipe has finished cooking.

Keelo is available for iOS and Android, and is an app designed for highly intense interval training. The workouts last seven to twenty minutes, and focus on conditioning, cardio, and strength. The goals of the individual are used to devise the correct workout plan. A virtual coach is available to ensure the person continues with the workout. This helps make certain all fitness goals are reached.