Understand The Myths Of Dieting Before Making A Change

Understand The Myths Of Dieting Before Making A Change

The decision to begin a diet is a choice that indicates a desired positive change. It’s a choice that shows a person is willing to alter aspects of their lifestyle in order to work toward being who they truly want to be. There are extremely common misconceptions about dieting that can eventually lead a person to give up on their goals.

Loose Definitions of the Word “Diet”

Most people think of a change in eating habits as “a diet.” This implies that the change is a one time activity like climbing a mountain, or graduating a class. The truth is, it’s a quest for a new way to live. It is better for people who are making radical changes and adopting a plan to think of a diet in more permanent ways. It can be thought of as new nutrition, a regimen, or even a behavioral eating alteration. Individuals will be more likely to follow a personal nutrition plan for much longer than a simple diet.

Magic Pills Do Not Exist

The desire to lose weight, become more fit, and improve self-image is so strong that some people believe in products claiming to burn fat and produce results beyond normal physiology. Most products and weight cures that promise unbelievable results in a few days or weeks, are in fact, gimmicks. They are money-making ventures preying upon a consumer’s desire to change. Solid education about nutrition and the body creates the proper view of how good diets should work.

Lasting Change Never Happens Quickly

It takes a long time to put on weight. It can take an even longer time to take that weight off. Proper nutrition dieting ensures that a body will relearn how to regulate its composition. Super quick weight loss from radical diets is usually due to water loss, or system flushing. Fat-specific dieting takes varying periods of time for each person, and slow dieting will likely produce permanent results.

Diets Alone Cannot Radically Change Bodies

There is a universe of evidence that proves diets alone are not the most effective way to lose weight. While a new eating regimen does reteach the body and educates the person about how fat loss works, exercise is needed to support the effort. Even if the daily increase in physical activity is extremely low, it will induce the body to respond more to dietary changes. An added benefit is that building lean tissue through exercise will speed overall caloric expenditure.

Dieting Without Support is Not Effective

There are few ways more certain to sabotage a diet than starting one alone. The will to change behaviors is always easier with at least one other person who is focusing on the same goals. If there is no one to partner with, be sure to explain to family and friends why a diet is being adopted, and outline the eating habits that are going to change.

Dieters must learn to recognize the misconceptions about dieting to avoid disappointment, unrealistic expectations, and spending way too much energy and money on things that never work. That being stated, dedication and nutritional education will help a person reach their personal health goals.

Fight Cancer With A Whole Foods Diet

Fight Cancer With A Whole Foods Diet

Do you have a history of cancer within your family lineage, or are you battling the disease as an individual? In the battle against cancer, it is important to consider lifestyle factors which include the type of diet you consume; this plays a great role in assisting you to fight off attacks from cancer. It is evident that some food types tend to increase the risk of cancer in your body, while others support and strengthen your body as well as your immune system. By making a decision and choice to consume whole foods you are assured of protection and ability to fight against cancer and other life debilitating diseases.

The scientific link between whole foods and fighting Cancer

In most instances it is difficult to prevent certain health issues. However, you should understand that you have control over your health, and your choices determine how healthy or unhealthy you will be. According to research, cancer related deaths are majorly caused by lifestyle choices, such as consumption of an unhealthy diet. Looking at your overall eating habits is essential; this is one of the best starting points to prevent cancer. It is vital to check what you eat and what you do not because this contributes to your overall health including cancer risk.

Whole foods are unrefined and unprocessed, thus consuming them lowers your risk of cancer. It is evident today that daily intake of processed meat tends to increase chances of developing colorectal cancer, whereas taking soy foods such as edamame reduces breast cancer risk. Additionally, high intake of organic vegetables and fruits also play a great role in reducing cancer risks. Eating a healthy diet will enable you to boost your health, both physical and mental. It has also been noted that consumption of GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) increases the chances of getting certain types of cancer. Even though the link between whole foods diet and cancer is a bit complex it is important to consider these types of foods to ensure healthy living.

Why Consume Whole Foods?

Focusing on the consumption of organic vegetables and fruits is very crucial in the prevention of cancer. This is because they have more nutrients that fight cancer, more fiber as well as less unhealthy fat. These three elements are very much essential in supporting your immune system so that your body is in a position to battle cancer. A balanced diet on plant based foods is also vital in lowering the risk of cancer; these foods contain rich nutrients that fight against cancer cells thus preventing their multiplication in the body. It is therefore advisable to consume whole foods for a healthier life.

Five Fat-Trimming Teas To Try

Five Fat-Trimming Teas To Try

Nobody will tell you that drinking tea alone is enough to maintain the perfect body, but few will argue that certain teas have the power to assist an otherwise healthy lifestyle. These five teas are especially powerful in helping you trim up, or stay fit if you already have the body you like. Cycling between a few teas is also advised, whereas drinking a single tea too often can lead to an unbalanced human biome. You want to always cycle foods, beverages, and experiences to maintain a balanced health.

1. Rose tea- It not only sounds romantic, it’s healthy for weight-loss. Caffeine-free and mild in taste, rose tea is thought to be a potentially better antioxidant than green tea which is great for those trying to shed pounds.

2. Yerba Mate- Thought to curb appetite and also contain chemicals able to burn fat cells, this tea is a popular choice among those trying to lose weight.

3. White tea- A big tea among the weight-loss crowd, the white tea is powerful in its ability to prevent fat cells from becoming stored in the body.(source: It also has wonderful stress-fighting properties as well.

4. Hibiscus tea- Fun to say and great for fighting fat, the hibiscus plant shares the property of the white tea of preventing fat cells from binding. It also contains something called flavonoids which are also instrumental in maintaining a healthy body weight.

5. Bilberry tea- This tea is great to have in your mix of fat-fighting teas due to its ability to curb cravings for sugar. Unfortunately, the reality of sugar’s effect on weight and health is all too real to ignore. Moderation is the best weapon available at the moment and Bilberry tea helps in that effort.

Tea is also another great alternative to coffee. There are definitely positive health benefits to having coffee periodically but tea makes a great opportunity for a break in that routine. If you choose one of the teas mentioned above, you’ll not only get a break from the potentially jittery feeling of coffee but you’ll get a chance to add healthy nutrients to your body, detoxify impurities and point yourself back in the correct direction towards good health. The teas mentioned in this article give you a great place to start but further study on teas will bring to light many other types of tea with a wide array of medicinal properties. Who knew that it was so exciting and fascinating to drink your medicine?