The Truth About Dieting

Movies For Foodies? Give These A Try

Movies For Foodies? Give These A Try

If you’re interested in food, you may want to watch one of these films. Read on to find out what all you can watch that will possibly change the way you think about what you eat…or don’t eat.

Fed Up

This one is good if you are concerned about what the kids of this country are eating.

This movie talks about the amount of sugar that has been added to the diets of many of America’s kids. It’s true that many kids have become obese because of sugar, and there has been legislation that has been denied in Congress. If you’re interested in how diets are made up of too much sugar, then watch this one.


This one is good if you’re thinking of getting on an all-vegetable diet. This could provide the moral impetus for becoming a vegan or vegetarian.

It’s true that farming animals is the top threat to the environment, and this movie proves it. This threat is larger than the threat of fossil fuels. The meat industry has ties to the government, and big organizations like Greenpeace keep quiet about what happens when farms get big.

More Than Honey

This one is good if you are interested in bees and the production of honey that they make possible.

As you may have heard, the number of bees in the world is getting low. If there are no bees, then we cannot live, either. There is so much that bees affect, and it has to do with food supply, largely. This movie delves into the problem of bees and how they may not survive.

Chef’s Table

This one is good for foodies.

This film looks at the insider life of some of the top chefs in the world. There are other movies like this, but this one is unique. If you want to know who’s in charge of food culture in the world, then watch this to find out more.

A Matter of Taste

Fine dining aficionados.

This is a movie about the story of a young chef, who was once critiqued for not living up to expectations. He’s now a successful chef, and he has lived to tell his tale. You’ll want to watch this to find out how he overcome the people in his life who were telling him he wasn’t good enough. This is a film that has resonance beyond the world of food, but it is interesting to those who may be intrigued by fine dining, also.

Today’s Fad Diet Trends

Today’s Fad Diet Trends

Over the years, fad diets comprised of non-meat, liquids and fasting have emerged, promising great results within a short time. In most cases, these fad diets all have one similarity, they promise quick and rapid weight loss, with very high restrictions on the types of foods and the amounts recommended daily. No matter what age, these restrictive diets can be dangerous. Recent rankings defined fad diets less nutritious for health reasons and less responsive for long term weight loss.

Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet is one of the most recent to emerge based on the idea that good diets include meat, green leafy plants and fruits in their natural state. It eliminates processed foods, which may make finding these food sources difficult. The diet is very restrictive and can be confusing to some. The recommendations are sometimes very high in saturated fats, and there’s also the fact that we have evolved somewhat since the Paleo age.

Dukan Diet

The Dukan Diet is another low carb diet, offering a support regime for weight loss. The difficulties are the rules, and the banning of food groups, particularly grains and fruit. For the short term like the other fad diets, it works, as a long term to maintain the weight loss, it’s questionable.

Raw Food Diet

The Raw Food Diet is a vegetarian diet with restrictions for dairy products, meat, and temperatures for cooking foods because the heat breaks down the nutrients. Weight loss does happen, if the diet restrictions are maintained, but there are similar vegetarian diets that accomplish weight loss without restrictions.


The Atkins diet has been around for a while, as one of most popular low-carb diets, especially for those looking for quick and rapid weight loss. The concept is to limit the amount of carbohydrates forcing the body to use its own fat for fuel leading to weight loss. Weight can be affect because the body’s fuel is sugar causing a high energy when sugar is available and tiredness when sugar is low. Natural reaction for the body is to store sugar when levels are low preventing weight loss.

Fast Diet

The Fast Diet requires 5 days of normal eating without restrictions and 2 days of fasting with a limited amount of eating. There is a scheduled time frame for eating, which forces the body to fast through the day and replenish in the evening. The goal is to lose body fat quickly, with calorie restriction, eating only proteins and vegetables along with fasting. Although the weight disappears, there are health concerns for some related to intermitted fasting.