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Remaining Vegan During Pregnancy

Remaining Vegan During Pregnancy

Keeping a vegan diet during pregnancy shouldn’t cause any extra worry. Including a variety of vegan foods into your diet will keep both you and your baby healthy throughout. Maintaining open communication with your midwife or doctor will also help. They can suggest supplements that will make up for what you may be lacking in your diet. Most importantly, knowledge about the foods you are eating and how they are absorbed into your body will allow for you to better plan the meals you need to eat during pregnancy.


Iron deficiency is one of the biggest concerns with a vegan diet. Iron supplements is a viable route to take, but knowing which foods contain iron and which foods allow for iron absorption is a good idea.

Leafy greens like kale, chard and spinach as well as legumes are excellent sources of iron. Certain breakfast cereals and enriched breads and pastas contain iron as well. Soy products are great, but too much can inhibit your body’s ability to absorb other needed vitamins, whereas fermented soy products (tempeh, miso) will not.

Vitamin C helps your body absorb iron. Make sure to included foods like broccoli, tomatoes and fruits into your meals to assist your body. It is best to limit the amount of coffee and teas consumed. They are high in polyphenols and tannins that reduce iron absorption.

Brain Development

Vitamin B-12 and omega-3 fatty acids are essential for brain development. Omega-3 fatty acids are mostly found in fish products and B-12 in animal products. There are a variety of supplements that can be taken. Adding flax seed and walnuts (omega-3) and fortified foods and beverages (B-12) this obstacle can be easily overcome. Nutritional yeast will also help boost your B-12 intake.

Iodine is also important for brain development and easier to obtain. Adding iodized salt to your meals and eating dried seaweed will provide a substantial amount.

Calcium and Vitamin D

Calcium is easy to obtain, but with Vitamin D your body will not absorb it. Eat a variety of green vegetables like cabbage, bok choy and broccoli as well as white beans, tahini and almonds to obtain calcium. Soy and almond milk are excellent sources as well. Vitamin D can be found in many types of fortified cereals and juices. It is also found in prenatal supplements.

The most important thing to remember about a vegan diet and pregnancy is to always talk with your midwife or doctor. It is why they are there. If you are showing signs of missing certain nutritional needs they will help guide you through the steps you need to take. It could be as simple as adding more greens to your diet or taking prenatal supplements. You should not have to change your vegan ways because of pregnancy.

Diet Trends: The Best YouTube Channels

Diet Trends: The Best YouTube Channels

Not so long ago, keeping fit by sticking to a healthy diet was an expensive endeavor; you had to either pay for the services of a nutritionist, or purchase how-to DVD’s to learn how to make healthy meals and eat right. Things are much different now. Anyone who has access to internet and loves to YouTube can benefit from several channels that uploads their healthy eating tips for free. Here is a list of our very best YouTube channels that you need to follow for diet trends.

Fully Raw

As you can tell from the name of these diet YouTube channel, it is all about prepping raw Veggies. Brought to you by Kristinia Carrillo Bucaram, the channel continues to win dieting aficionados. With a following of just over 6 million, this channels keeps up with the mass demand by regularly posting videos of how to make easy yet healthy raw vegetable fixes. One of our best on the Fully Raw menu is the 100% pumpkin pies.

Deliciously Ella

If you follow dieting blogs, you have probably come across Ella Woodward blogs. She makes some of the most helpful diet blogs. If you liked her blogs, you will like her YouTube channel even more. She shares with her subscribers’ various creative ways of making delicious treats from your veggies. Deliciously Ella has so many subscribers because her recipes are so easy to make and she utilizes ingredients that you will not struggle getting from your local grocery store. Other than that, she is always keen to get back to her subscribers, answering questions on various healthy living topics.

Fit Men Cook

Fit Men Cook is a diet trend YouTube channel hosted by Kevin. This is the diet YouTube channel of choice if you are looking for healthy recipes when working with a tight budget. Kevin shows you that you do not have to rob the bank to get healthy ingredients. The creative diet genius, takes you through some easy to make body-building recipes then goes further to advise his subscribers on how to save on groceries. Join the party of more than one and half million subscribers and enjoy making low-budget healthy meals.

You can find a lot of resources on diet trends on YouTube. With the information available today, we now have no excuse as to why we cannot eat healthy. From affordable healthy recipes to mouthwatering snacks made by of veggies, you will never be out of ideas.

Signs That Your Diet Plan Is Not Working

Signs That Your Diet Plan Is Not Working

Are you interested in losing those last five pounds? Or, do you have a little baby weight still hanging on you’d like to get rid of? There are many options to choose from if you’re looking for a new diet; however, the trick is to find one that is effective and will work for you.

There are a lot of fads on the market today like the South Beach diet and the Atkins diet that may not be the healthiest way for you to eat, and it may even cause you some health issues. So, how do you know if they’re working for you? Watch out for these signs that your body needs a change. Remember, it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor before starting a diet. But, if you don’t, keep an eye out for signs that your diet isn’t working for you so you can move on and find a healthier way to lose that last five pounds.

Weird Health Problems
Are you all of a sudden having odd health issues? If you felt healthy and had no real health issues at the beginning of your diet, but now you are encountering signs that something isn’t quite right, it could be a sign that the diet isn’t working for you. Maybe you are having odd headaches, getting tons of cavities or even putting weight on instead of taking it off. Or, you could just feel sick all of the time. These are signs that your diet isn’t working for you and probably isn’t the healthiest option you can choose to lose weight.

Odd Behavior Changes
Have you suddenly become more forgetful? Are you anxious and having weird emotional changes you can’t explain? If you find you’re really dropping the ball at work, it may be more than just normal day-to-day stress. This could actually be nutritional deficiencies from your diet like Vitamin D or low protein intake. Check with your doctor to see what’s going on and discuss a possible diet change.

Intense Food Cravings
Are you suddenly finding yourself with intense cravings for the food you just cut out of your diet? It’s normal to have a craving for a treat now and then, but it might also be a sign that your body actually needs the food you are craving to function properly. If you find yourself hungry right after you eat or you are having intense cravings you have never had before, check with a doctor to make sure your diet is providing necessary fats, carbohydrates and proteins that your body specifically needs.

Another sign your diet isn’t working for you is being tired all the time. If you are exhausted when you wake up or get major afternoon slumps, you may not be getting the nutrients you need from your diet. You shouldn’t feel more run down than normal when you are dieting. If you are on a vegan diet, you may want to see if you are including enough protein in your meals. Check with your doctor to see if you need to change your diet to include more nutrients that will keep your going all day long.

If you have any of these signs and they persist for several days, take a look at the type of diet you are on and decide whether your diet is working for you or causing your more health issues than its worth. A visit to your doctor and some bloodwork will be able to tell you if the diet is robbing your body of vital nutrients it needs to function. If your body is not functioning properly, you will not lose weight in a way that is healthy and long-lasting. Remember, the point of a diet is to lose weight and keep it off in a healthy way.

Is A Vegan Diet Healthy?

Is A Vegan Diet Healthy?

You have probably heard of a lot of people going with the vegan lifestyle in order to make an impact on the planet and help to get rid of animal cruelty due to meat production. What you might be wondering to yourself is if the vegan lifestyle and diet is a healthy one to make. Many people are choosing the vegan healthy lifestyle simply because it is one of the best ways for you to live a healthy life and even get rid of any health problems that you are experiencing simply by changing the way that you eat on a routine basis.

The vegan lifestyle basically revolves around the avoidance of anything that is animal in food and even in the products that you use on your skin. This is actually a lot healthier for you simply because it enables you to eat more fruits and vegetables because you are not consuming meat as a main protein for each meal. Instead of choosing me as your main protein for your meals, you will instead be choosing things like mushrooms or tofu or substitutes for meat that are made using healthy and all-natural ingredients.

The vegan diet is actually very healthy for most people who consume it as long as it is being monitored in a proper manner. What this means is that people who are on a vegan diet need to make sure that they are getting enough protein each and every day to keep their muscles strong and growing in a healthy manner. Meat is the main source of protein for most people and so when you do not eat a lot of meat, this protein Source has to come from something else. Many vegans get their protein from things like nuts and peanut butters that allow them to get just as much protein as people who eat meat.

The way that a vegan lifestyle and diet can become unhealthy is when a person does not monitor what they are eating and simply eats processed foods that are vegan. Just because of food is labeled vegan does not mean it is healthy. For example, French fries that are fried in a ton of oil can be considered vegan but yet this is not considered healthy when it comes to a diet and lifestyle choices. This is why it is very important that if you go vegan you monitor what you are eating and try to incorporate healthy choices in your everyday diet.

Lifestyle Changes That Will Help You Lose Weight

Lifestyle Changes That Will Help You Lose Weight

Weight loss; millions struggle every day to shed those unwanted pounds but many end up failing miserably. The reason being is that fad diets have become a more and more popular trend and when you yo-yo your diet around, the weight will come piling back on. Instead of depriving yourself with a low calorie diet or drinking maple syrup flavored water for a month think about a lifestyle change instead. You don’t have to deny yourself the foods you want. You just have to make a few lifestyle changes and you will soon start to see the pounds melting away.


You probably already know this one but its true! Drinking an appropriate amount of water can be extremely beneficial for a number of reasons. If your body is dehydrated then it automatically starts to hold on to much of the water you consume. When you finally start drinking the right amount of water, your body will flush the rest that is doesn’t need out of your system. You might not even realize how much water weight you are carrying around until it’s finally gone. On another positive note, water will also flush the toxins out of your system as well.


It’s important to start getting some daily exercise into your routine. Many exercises can seem daunting and overwhelming but one of the best and easiest things to do is walk. Start off at a normal pace and aim for a 15-30 minute walk. After your body starts to get used to this and you’ve shed some of those pounds it’s time to increase your pace and add a few minutes more. You’ll be surprised at how much weight you will start to use.


It’s always important to make sure you are eating enough veggies. Why?, Because they’re good for you and delicious making them a great snack when you’re hungry. The best part is that you can eat plenty of them and not have to think twice about it.


You don’t have to deny or deprive yourself of any food that you may be craving. Avoiding your cravings for long periods of time can lead to giving in and binge eating. You just have to remember one thing, portion control. Portion control is an important key in achieving and maintaining a better body. If you want to eat ice cream then you should! If you normally eat two scoops then only give yourself one.

Understand The Myths Of Dieting Before Making A Change

Understand The Myths Of Dieting Before Making A Change

The decision to begin a diet is a choice that indicates a desired positive change. It’s a choice that shows a person is willing to alter aspects of their lifestyle in order to work toward being who they truly want to be. There are extremely common misconceptions about dieting that can eventually lead a person to give up on their goals.

Loose Definitions of the Word “Diet”

Most people think of a change in eating habits as “a diet.” This implies that the change is a one time activity like climbing a mountain, or graduating a class. The truth is, it’s a quest for a new way to live. It is better for people who are making radical changes and adopting a plan to think of a diet in more permanent ways. It can be thought of as new nutrition, a regimen, or even a behavioral eating alteration. Individuals will be more likely to follow a personal nutrition plan for much longer than a simple diet.

Magic Pills Do Not Exist

The desire to lose weight, become more fit, and improve self-image is so strong that some people believe in products claiming to burn fat and produce results beyond normal physiology. Most products and weight cures that promise unbelievable results in a few days or weeks, are in fact, gimmicks. They are money-making ventures preying upon a consumer’s desire to change. Solid education about nutrition and the body creates the proper view of how good diets should work.

Lasting Change Never Happens Quickly

It takes a long time to put on weight. It can take an even longer time to take that weight off. Proper nutrition dieting ensures that a body will relearn how to regulate its composition. Super quick weight loss from radical diets is usually due to water loss, or system flushing. Fat-specific dieting takes varying periods of time for each person, and slow dieting will likely produce permanent results.

Diets Alone Cannot Radically Change Bodies

There is a universe of evidence that proves diets alone are not the most effective way to lose weight. While a new eating regimen does reteach the body and educates the person about how fat loss works, exercise is needed to support the effort. Even if the daily increase in physical activity is extremely low, it will induce the body to respond more to dietary changes. An added benefit is that building lean tissue through exercise will speed overall caloric expenditure.

Dieting Without Support is Not Effective

There are few ways more certain to sabotage a diet than starting one alone. The will to change behaviors is always easier with at least one other person who is focusing on the same goals. If there is no one to partner with, be sure to explain to family and friends why a diet is being adopted, and outline the eating habits that are going to change.

Dieters must learn to recognize the misconceptions about dieting to avoid disappointment, unrealistic expectations, and spending way too much energy and money on things that never work. That being stated, dedication and nutritional education will help a person reach their personal health goals.

Fight Cancer With A Whole Foods Diet

Fight Cancer With A Whole Foods Diet

Do you have a history of cancer within your family lineage, or are you battling the disease as an individual? In the battle against cancer, it is important to consider lifestyle factors which include the type of diet you consume; this plays a great role in assisting you to fight off attacks from cancer. It is evident that some food types tend to increase the risk of cancer in your body, while others support and strengthen your body as well as your immune system. By making a decision and choice to consume whole foods you are assured of protection and ability to fight against cancer and other life debilitating diseases.

The scientific link between whole foods and fighting Cancer

In most instances it is difficult to prevent certain health issues. However, you should understand that you have control over your health, and your choices determine how healthy or unhealthy you will be. According to research, cancer related deaths are majorly caused by lifestyle choices, such as consumption of an unhealthy diet. Looking at your overall eating habits is essential; this is one of the best starting points to prevent cancer. It is vital to check what you eat and what you do not because this contributes to your overall health including cancer risk.

Whole foods are unrefined and unprocessed, thus consuming them lowers your risk of cancer. It is evident today that daily intake of processed meat tends to increase chances of developing colorectal cancer, whereas taking soy foods such as edamame reduces breast cancer risk. Additionally, high intake of organic vegetables and fruits also play a great role in reducing cancer risks. Eating a healthy diet will enable you to boost your health, both physical and mental. It has also been noted that consumption of GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) increases the chances of getting certain types of cancer. Even though the link between whole foods diet and cancer is a bit complex it is important to consider these types of foods to ensure healthy living.

Why Consume Whole Foods?

Focusing on the consumption of organic vegetables and fruits is very crucial in the prevention of cancer. This is because they have more nutrients that fight cancer, more fiber as well as less unhealthy fat. These three elements are very much essential in supporting your immune system so that your body is in a position to battle cancer. A balanced diet on plant based foods is also vital in lowering the risk of cancer; these foods contain rich nutrients that fight against cancer cells thus preventing their multiplication in the body. It is therefore advisable to consume whole foods for a healthier life.

The 10 Master Superfoods For Weight Loss

The 10 Master Superfoods For Weight Loss

For those who try to lose weight by dieting, depriving the body of calories and nutrition can not only be difficult, but dangerous. Enter the “Superfood”. Superfoods are nutritional heavy-hitters that build bones, boost the immune system and kick-start the metabolism. You can eat your fill and still lose weight! Below we have listed some of the best superfoods and their benefits:

Black Beans

Black beans are crammed with protein required to fuel the body for exercise. There are no extra saturated fats and they are easy on the intestines and colon.


Oats are full of fiber, which is important for expelling toxins from the body and keeping a person regular in the bathroom. It is also a low calorie carbohydrate that the body needs for energy.


When trying to lose weight, fat is not actually the enemy. Fat is essential for a healthy brain and body. Avocados are full of the good fat that actually fights hunger and cravings.


Salmon is an ultra-lean source of protein and the good fats. Protein is required for every process the body undertakes, and the Omega 3’s in salmon’s fat boost heart health for a top-notch ticker.


Blueberries are chock full of anti-oxidants, which helps rid the body of toxins and fights signs and symptoms of aging. They are also packed with fiber and a low-calorie sweet treat for anyone trying to slim down.


Broccoli is a super low calorie vegetable with a lot of fiber and the power to fight off cancer. It is helpful in both raw and cooked forms, making it a versatile little ingredient.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is a good carb that provides tons of energy while also helping a person feel much fuller and less prone to snacking or overeating.


Pears are a sweet treat that have tons of fiber in the skin. It’s a perfect little desert option when trying to slim down.


Wine contains Resveratrol, which is known to stop fat storage and fight signs of aging. Wine is also reported to be good for the heart, but please enjoy in moderation.


Eating a grapefruit at breakfast can lower insulin, a fat storage hormone, and is a great antioxidant in its own right. It’s also filling and low calorie!

Countless studies have concluded that eating healthy and regular exercise is the key to weight loss and successful management of weight. So stock up your pantry with the healthy snacks!

New Year, New You, New Diet, New Budget

New Year, New You, New Diet, New Budget

We are only a few months into 2016 and some of you have already abandoned that “new year, new you” persona. Some of you might still be plugging away, but might not be seeing the results you were hoping for by now. While getting in the gym or just working out in general is the hardest thing to work into your routine, what truly derails someone off track is food. There is no amount of push-ups you can do if you all you do is go home and eat the same things. Now while there are many diets out there with their advocates, we’ll be talking about the low carb diet.


The basics of the low carb diet are as such:

Eat meat, fish, eggs, vegetables that grow above ground, and natural fats like butter

Stay away from sugar, starchy foods (bread, pasta, potatoes), and processed foods

Eating a low carb diet helps stabilize your blood sugar levels. Lower blood sugar levels lead to a drop in the fat storing hormone insulin, which leads to an increase in fat burning and a more satisfied feeling.

Uh-huh…What’s it Cost?

Let’s face it. Groceries are already expensive. Going organic or “all natural” only seem to increase the price further. No need to worry though, with some preparation and savvy shopping techniques, you can lighten the blow to your wallet. Two things you can do right now are:

• Shopping List/Coupons

• Portion Control

Before you go to the store on payday or whatever day you do your “major” shopping, make a list of what you need. After researching the low carb diet, find some recipes you like or want to try. Write down the ingredients, then see which ones you already have on hand.

Also, be on the lookout for coupons, deals and even in store promotions that will keep more money in your pocket. Buy some things in bulk for it’ll last longer. When you get these items home, plan your meals out. Including your snacks. Go as far as preparing them as well. True you can eat your fill with the low carb diet, but if you’re also looking to save money, it would be smart to plan out your meals. If your living arrangements include a backyard, think about growing your own vegetables.

The new year isn’t in full swing just yet. There’s still time to get back on track or increase your momentum.

5 Foods That Can Help Flatten Your Belly

5 Foods That Can Help Flatten Your Belly

Belly fat can be difficult to get rid of. If you need assistance losing unwanted belly fat, then consider the foods below. These foods can help your midsection to look slimmer over time.


Egg is a food that is packed with a number of nutrients that can help you to achieve a flat belly. One of these nutrients is the vitamin B12. B12 can help you to break down the fat cells in your stomach. In addition to B12 eggs also contain choline. Choline has been linked to increasing a person’s metabolism. Also, according to reports, this nutrient packed food can help to prevent you from making poor food choices in between meals throughout the day. Research has revealed that by consuming eggs for breakfast, your chances of overeating throughout the day will be decreased.

Olive Oil

Another food that can help you to slim down your mid-section is olive oil. This monounsaturated fat has been linked to burning fat. Also, with the help of olive oil one’s blood sugar levels can be controlled and regulated. Controlling blood sugar levels helps to reduce the amount of fat that is stored in the midsection and it reduces a person’s feeling of hunger.


Consuming bananas are a great way to battle belly fat because they act as a natural diuretic. This means that when you eat bananas the potassium within the fruit help to remove excess water and sodium within the body. Bananas are also a good source of fiber, so consuming them can help you to stay regular which helps to prevent constipation. Constipation can contribute to you having an unwanted bulge in your belly area.


Asparagus is food that gets overlooked a lot especially by individuals that want to lose belly fat. This vegetable can reduce your belly fat because it offers anti-bloating effects. Anti-bloating effects help to reduce the amount of gas in your stomach as well as help to balance your digestive system. Less gas in your digestive system means that your stomach will not be inflated, which can give the appearance of you having a big belly.


Like asparagus, consuming cucumbers can have an anti-bloating affect. This can lead to your mid-section shrinking, especially if you have excessive gas in your digestive system. In addition to reducing gas, these low calories foods are loaded with water and are a great way to manage your weight and stay hydrated.