About Us

Welcome to the Advantages of Healthy Eating and Losing Weight

My path to health can be your path as well. I have lost weight and improved my health, and I’m here to share with you what I have learned.

My name is Jean and I am a health and fitness enthusiast. My aim is to share what I have learned about achieving good health through eating healthy and exercise. I used to be overweight, eating heaps of junk food and living a coach potato existence. I did not realize what this lifestyle could do to my health until my friend died young of a heart attack. This was a profound wake-up call.

I turned from a couch potato to a person questing after the healthiest eating possible, and increasing my exercise. My goal is to educate others on various diet plans; which ones work and which ones do not. This website will also have a “diet buzzer”, which reviews successful alternative eating patterns and the people who made them work.


I will be providing the best and most current information on up-to-date diet plans. I am constantly reviewing information on diets. Also, I am using reviews from viewers like you who write on my blog. You will get the diet information that you need to personalize a diet for yourself and succeed where you have not been able to succeed before.

Each week I will post new and exciting information that may be life changing for you. My posts will include stories of successful dieters with details as to how they were able to achieve their weight lose goals.

There is a joke. “Dieting is easy. I have been dieting for years with very little effort.” Unfortunately, while dieting is easy, losing weight is not so easy. I will be providing means and methods for actually losing weight. Dieting is not enough, you must also engage in some form of exercise for the diet to be successful.

To begin, view some of the diets below. The two diets below are examples of what you will see when your join. Then click on the button to join for a fuller review and extensive blogs on the methods and successes of each diet.