Are you interested in losing those last five pounds? Or, do you have a little baby weight still hanging on you’d like to get rid of? There are many options to choose from if you’re looking for a new diet; however, the trick is to find one that is effective and will work for you.

There are a lot of fads on the market today like the South Beach diet and the Atkins diet that may not be the healthiest way for you to eat, and it may even cause you some health issues. So, how do you know if they’re working for you? Watch out for these signs that your body needs a change. Remember, it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor before starting a diet. But, if you don’t, keep an eye out for signs that your diet isn’t working for you so you can move on and find a healthier way to lose that last five pounds.

Weird Health Problems
Are you all of a sudden having odd health issues? If you felt healthy and had no real health issues at the beginning of your diet, but now you are encountering signs that something isn’t quite right, it could be a sign that the diet isn’t working for you. Maybe you are having odd headaches, getting tons of cavities or even putting weight on instead of taking it off. Or, you could just feel sick all of the time. These are signs that your diet isn’t working for you and probably isn’t the healthiest option you can choose to lose weight.

Odd Behavior Changes
Have you suddenly become more forgetful? Are you anxious and having weird emotional changes you can’t explain? If you find you’re really dropping the ball at work, it may be more than just normal day-to-day stress. This could actually be nutritional deficiencies from your diet like Vitamin D or low protein intake. Check with your doctor to see what’s going on and discuss a possible diet change.

Intense Food Cravings
Are you suddenly finding yourself with intense cravings for the food you just cut out of your diet? It’s normal to have a craving for a treat now and then, but it might also be a sign that your body actually needs the food you are craving to function properly. If you find yourself hungry right after you eat or you are having intense cravings you have never had before, check with a doctor to make sure your diet is providing necessary fats, carbohydrates and proteins that your body specifically needs.

Another sign your diet isn’t working for you is being tired all the time. If you are exhausted when you wake up or get major afternoon slumps, you may not be getting the nutrients you need from your diet. You shouldn’t feel more run down than normal when you are dieting. If you are on a vegan diet, you may want to see if you are including enough protein in your meals. Check with your doctor to see if you need to change your diet to include more nutrients that will keep your going all day long.

If you have any of these signs and they persist for several days, take a look at the type of diet you are on and decide whether your diet is working for you or causing your more health issues than its worth. A visit to your doctor and some bloodwork will be able to tell you if the diet is robbing your body of vital nutrients it needs to function. If your body is not functioning properly, you will not lose weight in a way that is healthy and long-lasting. Remember, the point of a diet is to lose weight and keep it off in a healthy way.