Not so long ago, keeping fit by sticking to a healthy diet was an expensive endeavor; you had to either pay for the services of a nutritionist, or purchase how-to DVD’s to learn how to make healthy meals and eat right. Things are much different now. Anyone who has access to internet and loves to YouTube can benefit from several channels that uploads their healthy eating tips for free. Here is a list of our very best YouTube channels that you need to follow for diet trends.

Fully Raw

As you can tell from the name of these diet YouTube channel, it is all about prepping raw Veggies. Brought to you by Kristinia Carrillo Bucaram, the channel continues to win dieting aficionados. With a following of just over 6 million, this channels keeps up with the mass demand by regularly posting videos of how to make easy yet healthy raw vegetable fixes. One of our best on the Fully Raw menu is the 100% pumpkin pies.

Deliciously Ella

If you follow dieting blogs, you have probably come across Ella Woodward blogs. She makes some of the most helpful diet blogs. If you liked her blogs, you will like her YouTube channel even more. She shares with her subscribers’ various creative ways of making delicious treats from your veggies. Deliciously Ella has so many subscribers because her recipes are so easy to make and she utilizes ingredients that you will not struggle getting from your local grocery store. Other than that, she is always keen to get back to her subscribers, answering questions on various healthy living topics.

Fit Men Cook

Fit Men Cook is a diet trend YouTube channel hosted by Kevin. This is the diet YouTube channel of choice if you are looking for healthy recipes when working with a tight budget. Kevin shows you that you do not have to rob the bank to get healthy ingredients. The creative diet genius, takes you through some easy to make body-building recipes then goes further to advise his subscribers on how to save on groceries. Join the party of more than one and half million subscribers and enjoy making low-budget healthy meals.

You can find a lot of resources on diet trends on YouTube. With the information available today, we now have no excuse as to why we cannot eat healthy. From affordable healthy recipes to mouthwatering snacks made by of veggies, you will never be out of ideas.